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Se vinde din Deltă – Profitable investment in Danube Delta Romania!

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Hoping that your travel agency is interested also in evolution,  below we present a unique opportunity.

A land of 736 hectares located in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve – Romania. An area of ??

rare beauty, with a fauna, flora and landscapes rather unspecific in Europe  but usual in tropical areas,
an area that is a virgin, but yet with huge unlimited tourism potential.

The plot of 736 hectares is in our possession by concession contract for a period of 45 years (until 2052), the concession may be extended after the end of that period, monthly royalties is quite low for this area and is paid annually at town hall County.

Development versions are diverse, ranging from tourism, aquaculture, agriculture, species protection
activities and going even to purchase land to raise a mansion.

Tourism version is the easiest and with the most gainfull. That at least in Europe, if not the world,
there is no  Delta ultra all inclusive complex on a such surface so it would make from this project a
project of interest worldwide.

In the existing ground, and our company owns some fixed assets like following:

a). dikes with a width of 10-20 m and a length of 13 km.
b). sailing channels longer than 20 km that make access to: a few manufactured lakes.
c). 10 wooden lodges (250 sq. m) with reed rooftops.
e). 4 brickwork building complex (1,200 sq. m).
The price is 0.5 euro/ sqm
  We want to: SELL
f). The whole business, with every one of its advantages, evaluated at 0.5 euro/sqm, through the divestiture
of the organization that claims the whole business.

The reasons why we need to surrender these extraordinary resources are because of the lack of money and the
lack of the related supports and involvement in the showed fields.
INTERMEDIATE if you  are not interested but you know somedoby  who might be,  we would be happy if you
recomand it and, contract based we offer you an interesting reward.

slide-2For more details we are available any time
                                                                As. director:  Alina G
                                                Day by day between: 10:00 – 18:00 (EET)
                                                        Telephone: +4 0720.33.11.66
                                       Private email:
                                        Business email:




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